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Earn passive income with a Polis Masternode - Step by Step guide πŸ“ˆ Make money online 2019 πŸ’°

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Earn passive income with a Polis Masternode - Step by Step guide πŸ“ˆ Make money online 2019 πŸ’° Melchionda Network In this video i am going to show you exactly how to start a Polis Masternode and earn passive income in the cryptocurrency sphere. I am doing this business since 2,5 years and it’s really amazing because you keep your coins into your wallet and be your own bank. This is the step by step list to host your Polis DIP3 Masternodes (If you follow this steps you will have your first Masternode running after 15 minutes). 1. Download the wallet: http://polispay.org/downloads 2. Buy the Polis coins on the exchange. If you are not registered on Crex24, here is the link: http://bit.ly/Polis-Exchange 3. Transfer the Polis coins from the exchange to your wallet 4. After the coins arrived to your wallet generate a new address and send EXACTLY 1000 Polis to yourself. 5. Generate the outputs in the debug console "masternode outputs" (you need to send this outputs to our masternode hosting platform). 6. Register on our Cryptoselfmade hosting platform: http://bit.ly/Host-Masternode 7. Activate the Cryptoselfmade telegram bot in order to receive your config. files. 8. Buy some credits in order to start your Polis Masternode 9. Insert the generated outputs on Cryptoselfmade (see step 5) (you will receive in a few min (some times hours) the config. file 10. Insert the config file what you’ve received into the masternode.conf of your Polis wallet. 11. Register your Polis DIP3 Masternode on this platform: https://platform.polisnodes.io/dip3 After you registered the Polis DIP3 Masternode on the platform then your Polis masternode will be enabled. In the next days you will receive your first reward. If you have some issues to host your masternode do not hesitate to contact me. This are my contact details: Name: Melchionda Network Skype: lele469 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emanuele.melchionda Email: info@emanuele-melchionda.de Blog: http://www.emanuele-melchionda.de Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/melchiondanetwork Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/melchiondanetwork Telegram: @melchiondanetwork This is our Telegram Group for Masternode Informations, Signals and other Strategies: πŸš€ https://t.me/BiggestMasternodeChannel Register on our Cryptoselfmade hosting platform: http://bit.ly/Host-Masternode Other useful links: Buy easy and fast Bitcoins here βœ… http://bit.ly/buydigitalgold What is a masternode? Basically, Masterternodes are online computers that run the software and help the network make important decisions and perform functions such as confirming transactions for InstantSend, Privatesend and Governance. Depending on the coin, a percentage of the block revenue will be paid to the Masternodes on each block, which will be paid one after the other. Keywords: passive income, passive income ideas, make passive income with cryptocurrency, passive income crypto, how to earn passive income with cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency dividends, proof of stake coins 2019, proof of stake coins, proof of stake 2019, crypto dividends, crypto dividend coins, crypto dividends 2019, best dividend crypto, masternode to invest in masternode gems how to start a masternode start masternode top masternodes best masternodes top masternodes 2019 best masternodes 2019 Masternode Masternode 2019 Masternodes crypto Masternodes Masternode Setup guide Masternode hosting best masternode to invest in Masternodes to invest in 2019 Ways To Earn Passive Income Ways To Earn Passive Income with Crypto Passive Income Earn passive income with crypto Make money online Dash Dash Masternode Masternode 2019 Masternode Scam Masternode Scams invest in Cryptocurrency invest in Cryptocurrency 2019 Cryptocurrency 2019 Masternode 2019 polis polispay polis masternode compounding cryptocurrency make money online make money daily make money crypto make money crypto mining passive income passive income 2019 passive income investments cryptocurrency investing 2019 cpyptocurreny investing investing money compounding interest compounding cryptocurrency masternode passive income masternodes passive income top masternodes best masternodes best masternodes 2019 Masternodes crypto Masternodes 2019 Masternode 2019 Masternodes 2019 Masternode Setup guide Masternode hosting Masternode Masternodes Masternode Coins Masternode investing Masternode profits cryptocurrency investing investing in crypto investing in bitcoin investing in masternodes melchionda network masternodes 2019 running masternodes masternodes review good masternodes masternode news masternode service provider masternode service vps for masternode masternode rewards masternode under 1000 masternode investing masternode hosting masternode youtube masternode best masternodes make money Masternode interview interview coin melchiondanetwork melchionda network masternodes btc invest masternode hosting platform best masternode hosting service masternode hosting