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SHOTKAM | Rabbit Clay Shooting - How to Shoot Sporting Clays Targets

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Read more about SHOTKAM (Gun Camera) - http://www.ShotKam.com The ShotKam is $695 USD and shipping is FREE. Save $50 with discount code: YOUTUBE50 What is ShotKam? ShotKam is a camera that mounts to the barrel and shows you exactly what your swing looked like. The crosshair reticle represents the bead of the gun. The camera is weighs only 5 oz (including the 12 G bracket) and can record seamlessly during the recoil. It is not distributed outside the USA but we ship internationally. This is the perfect tool for shooting instructors as it shows the students exactly what their shot string looked like. Whether shooting the hard targets like Chandelle, hard crossers, quartering birds, or rabbits, we guarantee ShotKam will make you a better shot! The ShotKam is a specialized gun camera that operates using an internal accelerometer. The accelerometer registers forces to signal when to record, and when not to record. Only the gun recoil will trigger a video to save. There is an adjustable reticle (point-of-aim indicator) which is aligned to the gun’s point-of-aim. This reticle, typically a red dot or crosshair, shows where the muzzle was when the shot was taken. The ShotKam has Wi-Fi which allows the shooters to easily adjust the reticle and settings, and download shots to watch while out in the field. When CLAY shooting, simply press the power button ON at the beginning of the day and let the camera work "intelligently" in the background. The ShotKam will go in and out of “Sleep Mode” to save battery. When the action of the gun is closed, the ShotKam wakens from Sleep Mode and begins to buffer (through a memory buffer). When the camera feels the recoil of the gun, it saves to memory the 2 seconds before, and the 1 second after the recoil. It then saves it in ¼ speed and add the reticle. If there is inactivity for 20 seconds, then it goes back to "sleep mode" (slow blinking green LED). The camera lasts between 5 – 6 hours when shooting sporting clays and it is 100% waterproof as long as the rear cap is on (to protect the charging port). The short video recordings can be viewed frame-by-frame, so that even the pellets can be seen for a few frames! It records 120 fps, which is approximately 1 frame every 3 yards. The recording time, sleep mode, gun type, reticle type, etc are all adjustable settings. The ShotKam can record in full-speed, ½ speed, ¼ speed, or 1/8 speed. The ShotKam comes with a 12G mount but we offer different bracket sizes too (20G, 28G, side-by-side 12G, and .410). Contact us: Sales@ShotKam.com or call (855) 473 - 5227 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/legalcode